Friday, April 16, 2010


Dear All,

I'm joining for charity run for KL-Marathon 2010 this coming 27 June. I will represent for Cancer Malaysia and i need to get donation for this charity run.

If you interested please click here to proceed with the donation.

In conjuction with this event AMF having promotion fro chocolate cupcakes with stawberries... on RM 48 and for each purchase rm 5 will be donated to this charity run!

Come and join us for this charity work!
Charity 1
25 pcs elco cupcakes s zie
RM 48 ( rm 5 will be donated to Charity Run)

Charity 2
25 pcs S size cupcakes with ganache and stawberries ( rm 5 will be donated to Charity Run)
May God bless us!



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