Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Order

1. Please email us your order and you will get the reply with the price.

2. Pay the deposit to Maybank Account Anis Hartini Haron 162106983730.
Order without deposit will not consider as confirm order. Please email you bank slip/ or cc you transaction to

3. Upon pick up, kindly bring you bank slip or payment notification as proven of deposit and remaining amount can be done once you satisfied with the order.

4. For small order, you may place order within 3-4 days before the delivery date, and for special cakes or orders please place your order earlier. Order shall be placed via email, sms order can be accepted (only for simple order) I advise you to email me... but if you prefer call, you can call me at 019-3889015 . I prefer customer to call me after 5.30pm.. tapi kalau nak call before that pun ok je...

5. Oh, one more thing, please don't forget to read our terms & condition before you decide to order from us :)

Thank you..

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