Monday, November 12, 2012


Assalammualaikum & salam sejahtera to all moomyssss ibusss and makssssss :)

as per now... my baby dah 6 months.. so start merangkak here and there.. so Anis mmg susah sometimes nak monitor 247... tahu2 je jumpa Irdina bawah kerusi.. hehehe
so untuk keselamatan we decided to get her a playyard/ playroom

So i dont worry to all parent out there... At Anis Magic Fingers we have items on stock.. takyah susah2 nak pre order..u bring money we gift you playyard...

gambar atas nie 4 panel rm 390 non musical/ rm 450 musical

yg gambar atas nie pulak 5 panel
harga 5 panel non musical rm 490, rm 550 musical

kalau ada yg ingin lebih besar boleh beli yg nie..8 panel
8 panel non musical 750
8 panel musical rm 810

boleh delivery all over  the world
peninsular malaysia rm 50
sabah and sarawak rm 80

to purchase go to ANIS MAGIC FINGERS PAGE or email or call 0193889015



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