Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Walk

Assalammualaikum.& salam sejahtera...
kali nie entry pasal kesihatan... last wiken kita org anak beranak masuk charity walk. Conducted by Avon.
Charity walk nie utk breast cancer awareness. Anis masuk kita to support Avon punya niat baik.
2 of my untie kene breast cancer... 1 survive 1 dah meninggal dunia , al fatihah utk Arwah Mak Kak Lin 
I come from family yg ramai meninggal sbb cancer so this walk really meaningful to me.
so since it only 5.3km we decided to bring Irdina :)
so this is the photo with a little bit of story of that event :)

Irdina kene mandi 6.50 utk walk nie..kalau tak mandikan takut nanti dia tak selesa, so along the way from shsh alam to putrajaya ( race start at Precint3) Irdina tak zzzz

signature to show your support :) 

Daddy busy fasten Irdina seatbelt. Takut anak dia cicir katanya... 

She is breast cancer survivor ...

This is supporter along the walk... i think every 500m ada supporter 

Happy girl. I think she love this kind of event 

Charity cupcakes 2 for rm 10. box dia cantik 

see this family... bagus kan.. anak beranak join 

Irdina and daddy... Napee mls sign kat kertas tu.. he said " mls la"
cit.. sign pun mls...

Napee jog  with irdina along 5km.. while me? 3km je jog.. last 2km..jalan kaki je..semput gila..lemak kat perut pun berkoyan :(

this before the race..race start 1 hour late. Organizer should announce flag off at 8am instead of 7am

kenal? secara live dia nie agak kacak.. 
this is after the walk
napee "Good job irdina... "

participant stop at supporter area utk "cam whoring"

byk booths jual brg Avon

Left : free helium balloon 
Right : Irdina happy face 

At finish line: yeah!

before the race start

booth make up ramai org. yer la Avon punya event 

Kipas yg byk berjaya pada Irdina

Lipstik painting

Our family support Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer walk

hehehehe cool right?

see this father.... gigih dia... i like!

yg naik wheel chair pun join tau.. 

3km irdina zzzz

Napee's family at finish line

Thanks to Napee sbb tolak Irdina all the way... 6Oct tolak lagi yer..
to mommy our there.. 6Oct ada lagi charity walk
route sama mcm Avon walk nie..
futher infor boleh tgk kat Facebook WHR 

see u there !



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