Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot

Assalammualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...
hari nie Anis nak share my maternity photo shoot..yer 1st time peggy sure la super excited... but not too much on shopping as i'm not a shopaholic type, i more excited thing yg berlaku pada badan dan perut Anis.
Thats why until 8 months Anis still tak complete beli brg baby..sbb mls...
well the idea to have this photo shoot come from me... and of coz la with Mr Napee permission. If sorang² pose mcm hampeh je kan.. dah la aku bukan model.
Since peggy nie muka Anis bertambah jerawat dari biasa... so i decided to touch up my face.. and called Arra Fingers to user her service.

I knew Arra sbb dia nie adik kepada kawan Anis masa study dulu... so just give her chance to touch up my ugly face...

during touch up... not really touch up.. make up..hahaha

adjust here and there... i just feel like make up nak kawin je..but this time versi pengantin gemok!

side elevation... gila debab!
after all..we start to pose.... action!
of lupa.... we choose Cherita Pictures for this photoshoot... 
masa kawin dulu pun pakai khidmat dia org..since dia org nie sgt senang nak deal.. so Anis pun set time and date dgn Aziel utk slot berposing...
so time to pose! 

i love this photo!
see u soon baby Rowen ( hahaha mcm confident je kan anak aku lelaki) 
we all tak scan jantina... sbb nak suprise :) 

hehehe.. thanks dear sbb sudi layan wife you pose...masa nie actually napee mcm tak focus sgt nak posing... sbb at this hour F1 kat Sepang on air..kat studio Cherita Pictures pulak si Fadhil nie bukak channel F1. harapan la Napee nak ikhlas...kejap² mata kat TV... tapi kira ok la dia sudi nak ikut and pose!

boy or girl? hehehe tak tahu la..mostly cakap boy... my instinct pun mcm boy... 
will update you all once baby tu dah kelaur ok!
to all mummy out there... its fun to have peggy photohoot. why? becouse u will look super FAT and people will still say you cute! hahaha



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