Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dress Kaftan Style for Special Occasion

Salam to all...
wed... busy?... time for movie date la...takkan balik keje dah nak zzzzzzzzzz kan
hahaha padahal Anis la org paling malas skrg nie..asyik ingat nak zzzzzz je..perut makin membesar dgn jayanya.... seriously dah makin tak larat wei...

but life goes on... time to find good food after work..
OPS... back to this entry... i have friend name Mona... she sell these 3 dresses ( brand new) at cheap price.
so kalau korang nak beli..boleh deal direct dgn dia ok...

her contact number 014-6259877 (MONA)

rm 550

rm 550

kain baju nie sgt lembut dan selesa... so worth to buy.



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