Sunday, February 5, 2012

Smurfette cake for Smurfette Birthday Party for Alya

salam semua…. buat apa cuti panjang nie? Anis.. rest and releks at home. yer la..mak buyung dah makin tak larat nie….

perut makin besar,,, so pergerakan pun dah makin slow.. hehehe tapi perjuangan mesti di teruskan. :)

ok back to Smurfette story… Pn Salbiah contact Anis utk jemput mascot Smurfette dan buatkan cake Smurfette utk Alya Birthday party..

Jadi Anis pun buat as per order.. the best pary of Alya birthday… all kids yg dtg semua sporting habis.. nyanyi2 and participate games yg kita org conduct..

Thanks for Farrah as coordinator and Habulallah as mascot guy of that day!

if you are looking for  a blast birthday party..just call us! we expert in conduct kid birthday.. hehehe

lets have fun with us!



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