Monday, February 27, 2012

Pillow cake class and Football cake class at Anis Magic Fingers

Salam to All

Anis feel fresh.. yerla baru balik dari holiday la katakan… hehehehe

special thanks to mr comel sbb bawak wife dia yg debab nie berjalan

gambar nanti Anis upload and share dgn korang ok

ok… last 2 week Jaja dtg blaja buat 3d cake dgn Anis

Jaja ex student AMF… now she come back to learn more…

i never declare i’m expert tapi i’m willing to share my knowledge pada org yg berminat

Jaja dtg blaja pillow cake ( baby shower) and football cake

she learn how to carving cake and deco the coke and as result…. tadaaaaaaaaaa

a nice 3d pillow cake… 419860_10150694897301340_290657286339_11381542_791022373_n

Jaja in action…


sampai pipi pun kene ising sugar.. .. jaja nie lembut and sabar je orgnya.. :)


from 10am-4pm.. finally 2 pcs 3d cake done…congrate Jaja

happy face after class end..


good luck Jaja in baking world.. happy baking from Anis Magic Fingers..

if you want to learn to deco cake like Jaja.. send email to for private class…



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