Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ceutical Pure Goldsome Soap


Salam to all..

ok meh nak carita sikit.. anis skrg kan peggy so mengalami sedikit alahan utk skincare. so pakai facial cleanser yg biasa Anis pakai jadi gatal so i try this soap

it mild and suit me.. so i think it is a good product

price pun tak mahal rm 20 per bar so not a waste kalau nak try

product feature as below:

Ceutical Pure Goldsome™ Soap bar is known for its anti-aging properties. Combined with 100% essential oil - it relaxes you physically, spiritually & mentally which beautify you from inside out. Gold has been known for many centuries for its incredible cleansing and healing powers. Thanks to its anti-microbial activity, it has recently been found to eliminate acne by killing the germs which cause acne. It is also known that ancient beauty Cleopatra slept with gold every night to preserve her youthful skin. Queens made a habit out of massaging their skin with a golden roller on a daily basis. In India it was thought that these types of gold facials will make your skin glow, will reduce your wrinkles and will make your skin more firm. A fresh look and the prevention of the ageing process can no longer be hard to get if you use gold


to order call 012-3709766 or go to Annyss Beuty Shop fan page

tata :)



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