Saturday, December 10, 2011

Minnie mouse, Alex the Lion (Madagascar) and Ben 10 around KL-Klang valley @ Kids birthday party

SAlam to all…

On wiken biasanya mascot AMf tak duduk diam.. wiken je kita org akan merayap pergi attend birthday party around KL- Klang valley..

hehehehe so happy that we able to make all kids and guest happy…

makcik, pakcik, atuk, nenek, mak dan ayah pun ikut sama menari bila mascot AMF start menari… sempoi.. kita org happy kalau dapat guest / host yg jenis sporting…besttttt…

To all mummy, and daddy… dont forget to invite us for your kids birthday party ok…

we will assure that it will be hapening :)

Jom layan gambar-gambar event last month …

happy viewing

musical chairs..


lets dance

our minnie and event coordinator Farrah in action :)

games games and more gamesssssssssss


balloons for kids and guest…  you can request us to deco your birthday party with balloon set up :)

happy  faces…. :) looking for kids entertainment during birthday party? why not try our mascot service. for inquiries please send email to



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