Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fondant and Buttercream Barbie cake


Salam to all AMF reader….

looking for cute birthday cake for your daughter/ niece or cute princess at home?

why not try our cute barbie cake either fondant deco or buttercream deco

your little princess must be loved it :)

this fondant barbie cake ordered by Pn Siti from PJ

and this is DHIA.. not Norkamadia from ‘Tentang Dhia” but Dhia anak kak Yan… special thanks to Ajoo sbb all the way dtg utk pick up cake for his daughter….

if you want to order this type of cake.. just send us email to anishartini@yahoo,com and we will reply to you soonest possible

have a nice Xmas holiday hohohohoho!



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