Monday, September 12, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Mickey clubhouse birthday party!

Semalam… AMF and team dapat invitation birthday party…

Pn Sharina from bangi jemput kita org…

meriah tau birthday party kali nie… 4 kanak-kanak punya birthday… combo,

tuan rumah buat birthday “ mickey clubhouse theme”

from ballon to cake all mickey and minnie…

Jom layan gambar :)


nie masa last… during photo shoot


Anis tgh tolong adjust utk cake cutting ceremony IMG_0980   

ready kidz.. readdy mummy and daddy!!!


Pn Sharina and her daughter



Hei mickey!.. smile


babai… we all nak balik dah… :) esok isnin mickey and minnie nak pergi sekolah.. jumpa next time ok!


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