Monday, August 1, 2011

Ben 10 Mascot at Danish 6th Birthday (Puncak Jalil)

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim… and salam Sejahtera

Last week AMF and team bergumbira di Danish Birthday Party…

Ayah Danish En Husni call AMF and team utk memeriahkan Birthday Danish… Danish jadi malu2 and pendiam je.. dan when his mummy aks “ Danish happy tak Ben 10 datang?” and Danish malu-malu angguk kepala….

Nothing make us satisfied except to see kids happy during their birthday.

FYI our price are very reasonable and we able to include cake, fruit tart, party pack and many more to your kid birthday package.

Jom jalan gambar Ben 10 and kids.. :)

DSC_6042 DSC_6043 Happy Birthday Danish…. :) DSC_6048 DSC_6050 DSC_6057 HEHEHEHE kids having fun dance with Ben 10


Playing musical chairs…



Mr Husni+ Danish+ Mummy Danish and friends :)


YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Ad hoc Crew… Napee  Nasir… Tq dear for your help

DSC_6078 DSC_6079 DSC_6082

me and Ben 10…. hehehehehe ais cream FOC from Mr Husni… hehehehe TQ sir..

To all mummy and daddy.. come and invite us to cheer your kids birthday..

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