Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Minnie Mouse came to Yuviksha Birthday Party

Salam to all

Last Saturday.. AMF Minnie and team telah dijemput ke majlid harijadi Yuviksha..

Special  thanks to Mr Suba and Mrs Suba sbb sudi invite Minnie Mause and AMF team utk meriahkan hari jadi Yuviksha yg pertama

Jom layan gambar kat bawah nie

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AMF team with Minnie Mouse mascot..

if you plan to organize birthday party… call us to make your party happening with or mascost rental, games and dance service

This party event including of:

mascot rental

simple balloon deco

dances and games

fruit tarts

for price and quotation, please email to anishartini@yahoo.com


MelatiPutih on June 28, 2011 at 11:24 AM said...

aku ingt yg jadi mascot tu kau..hahaha..sbb ada gaya cam ko skit..wah! anis, i'm so proud of you..ko da expand new product line for AMF..xsabar aku nk anta resume aku ni..

Vathsala Subathiran said...

Dear everyone,

At first I thought my baby's birthday party is gonna be dull as very little guest turned up.

However, the moment the Minnie Mouse turned up with the rest of the AMF team members, the entire party became cheerful.

All of us really loved the event organized by AMF, especially dance with Minnie Mouse session and the musical chair game.

The cake tasted very delicious. Now in future if I need to order special type of cakes, I know whom to order from.

Excellent performance Anis and the team.

Hands-up to you AMF team.

Anis Hartini Haron on June 30, 2011 at 10:36 AM said...

to Ainul aidura: hahahah kenapa ramai sgt yg ingat aku yg pakai mascot tu? kau nak part time dgn aku tak pakai mascot? boleh hantar resumme to anishartini@yahoo.com hahahaha :P
to Vathsala: tqvm for the compliments... we are happy that you love our service and keep in touch :)


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