Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Devon (Edible Image Thomas Cake)


Salam to all…

let me share something that i found interesting….

Devon nie anak kawan Anis… Celine + Praba son….

Celine order cake edible image cake nak edit sekali dgn gambar Devon tapi mistakenly ( betul ke ayat Anis nie?) Anis lupa nak edit gambar Devon sbb silap faham instruction Celine… sorry bebe…

but everthing goes well when Devon and the gang happy with the cake… jom layan gambar kat bawah nie


Devon pandang camera!225247_10150190446188612_666873611_7108376_442145_n

Celine..what are you trying to do? steal the M&M hehehe



Blow the candle…. the hype or the event!



most of the M&M gone! hehehehe


this is the actual cake look like 

I love to put candies on my cakes as kids will love it!

Thanks to Celine and Praba.. Happy birthday Devon from untie Anis



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