Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby pink and white 3 tier buttercream Wedding Cake


Salam to All

Happy Mother’s day to all Mama where ever u are… cewah speaking London la pulak kan

Tak habis lagi mood perkahwinan di raja kot Anis nie

OK …  back to cake story… Lisa yg order cake nie.. Thanks Lisa order dari Anis Magic Fingers

This 3 tier buttercream cake nie as present utk wedding kawan Lisa…

wahhh bagusnya.. if you are looking for budget cake.. let me know if i able to help within your budget ok!

Mana yg termanpu di bantu.. di bantu.. mana yg tak mampu.. tak dapat den nak nolong! hehehehe

ok jom layan gambar…

Bakal pengantin out there.. if you are looking for wedding cake and interested to order… just email to for any inquiries

tata… :)



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