Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mickey and Minnie mouse cake for Anis Zulaikha

Salam to all….

1st Happy Chinese new year for all AMF chinese reader…. diharap this rabbit year will be a good you for you and your family…

ok.. Anis nak share mickey and minnie mouse bufday party last week…

Bufday nie anak saudara Anis nama Anis Zulaikha…. dia nie sgt la cute…. geram gila Anis kat dia…

since  bufday dia dekat dgn bufday ayah dia ( my brother in low name Sean) so Along decide utk buat 2 cake… combo cake…. 1 cake minnie for Zulaikha dan satu cake mickey for mr sean..

for sure la abg sean malas nak potong cake dan paling excited sekali kanak2 la kan…

jom layan gambar sepanjang party….


combo  3d buttercream mickey and minnie mouse cake. price please email to anishartini@yahoo.com or call 019-388 9015


Anis Zulaikha excited  with her bufday cake


Anis Zulaikha with my sisterDSC_2375DSC_2381

habis laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uncle napee dah jumpa cake…. mesti dia makan cake kita sampai habis….

(my husband pretend excited..padahal dia tak excited pun.. dah muak dia tgk cake) hahahahaha


male minnie mouse… penah jumpa? tak penah kan.. the one and only… only at Anis Magic Fingers…


hahahaha..me and the mickey balloon…. if you want to organize your party… call us for cakes, event coordination and party packs…

details please call or email anishartini@yahoo 019-388 9015



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