Monday, October 4, 2010

Buttercream 3D deco class with Jayanthy

Salam and good morning semua…

smlm AMF di datangi sekorang wanita Cindian.. Jayanthy utk blaja deco 3D buzzlight year cake…

orgnya cermat dan teliti…. :) soft spoken dan anis sgt kagum sbb Jayanthy cakap bahasa melayu tak pelat langsung!

baru la betul 1 malaysia…. :)

Thanks Jayanthy for your time with AMF… glad that i able to teach you until you able to deco a very nice cake…


sgt tekun Jayanthy ni… i believe 1 day she will be come a good cake decorator/ baker soon.

Good luck and keep in touch!

If you want to be one of AMF student, just email us to or call 0193889015 for further details.


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