Wednesday, September 1, 2010

P*$$y cake for David’s Birthday Party

Salam semua….
Sorry la bagi yg tak suka entry nie.. i just wanna share 1 funny cake that i made for my customer….
Mr Chua ask me to do this cake… this is not the 1st time tapi last time anis buat cake pussy nie Anis tak buat entry…
sbb mcm malu2 kucing gitu…. hahahahaha then i got idea mcm mana nak cover so tak la “ reveal” sgt… demi menjaga sensitivity sesetengah pihak..
as cake decorator i love to do any new cake that challenge my deco skill…
well cake for party …. and during party time  you should have funnnnnnn! isn’t it?
Back to coke story…. Chua asked me to put something inside the pussy cake so…. i told my housemate hehehehehe sememangnya housemate i mempunyai otak yg geliga… she said:
“ Anis..kau kan ada jelly jelly cupcake  tu…. ( she mean piping jelly) so kau letak la”
hehehehehe so GOOOD idea..
so after been consulted by her… i decided to put 3 jelly beans with piping jelly the i cover with fondant… so the trick is…
the bufday man need to dig and find 3 jelly beans and for sure he need to go thru the jelly before he manage to get the jelly beans…
hahahahaha i’m not sure what happen during the party but i hope Mr Chua, David and friends having good time…
Well please do not tell my mum or my future mother in law ok… pls pls pls.. otherwise kalau dia orang tahu sure la Anis kene bebel….
Tunang Anis pun sure marah kalau dia nampak cake nie…
well… i’m not a baker… i’m a cake decorator… :)
Selamat hari raya….. hahahahahahaha


eLiza on September 1, 2010 at 11:06 AM said...


digging out jelly beans?
sure riuh rendah party tu!

ha ha!


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