Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelas cupcakes on 25 April 2010

salam to all....
sabtu mlm flight Anis dari bali tibe LCCT pukul 11.45 pm.. tibe rumah 1 am.. arrhh penat gila then the next day.... this is what happen

Azie, kak Fauziah, Atiera and Anissa dtg blaja buat cupcakes

FYI Atira and Anisa nie anak Azie.... dia bawak anak dia blaja cupcakes sbb nak bagi anak dia ada activies durung wikens.. bagus kan dapat mak sporting mcm nie.. and kak Fauziah nie jiran dia org....


My youngers student Atiera : Nice and lively girl ( 13 tahun)

Anissa: baru berusia 15 tahun

from left: Atira, Untie Fauziah, Anissa and Azie da' diva

i enjoyed ajar dia org nie semua... Azie good luck your business in Brunei :)



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